Business people

Do you want to fund projects with positive impact?

Whether you want to invest in your supply chain or in other projects, we offer investment opportunities with tangible return on investment.

How it works

Companies pitch ideas for sustainable projects they want to implement in their organization and find all required partners/resources (funding, solutions, services) on the platform.

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For contributors

(e.g. multinational brands and retailers)
  • reduced effort for project set up and project monitoring
  • quantified positive impact and advanced reporting functionalities
  • communication opportunities and credible stories
  • low entry fees and reinvestment possibilities (funding through loan)
  • customized project setups for full flexibility

For investors

(e.g. financial investors, angel investors, public investors, foundations)
  • various investment opportunities with clear return on investment
  • reduced time and cost for identifying partners and projects (easy matchmaking)
  • Flexibility due to social and ecological projects from different countries, industries and sizes
  • quantified positive impact and advanced reporting possibilities
  • low entry fees