Our mission

We drive sustainable change by creating a digital ecosystem for project implementers, funders and solution providers to connect, invest and jointly create positive impact.


Our Story


We believe it is time to change because the world is under great social and environmental pressure. Awareness is rising, sustainable solutions exist (e.g. technologies) and companies want to invest in sustainability. However, great potential remains unused since funding is often missing, especially for SMEs and small projects, slowing down the required transformation.

Having known each other from past projects in the field of sustainability, we came to the conclusion that there needs to be a mechanism that brings together different parties. A platform, simply to facilitate and globally scale the application of proven sustainable solutions, reducing implementation challenges and project management effort for all parties. In 2021 our idea became a reality.

We founded Invest2Change to accelerate positive change. We are convinced that our idea can help unlock investment potential and direct financial flow towards projects that have a positive impact on people and the environment. Therefore, we do not measure our success by profit targets but by the positive impact on society that we can help to create. This means increasing the number of realized projects with the highest possible impact that can be achieved.

Our vision is ‘Positive impact with every investment‘


Our values

Impact driven

Increasing positive impact is at the core of our business philosophy. Everything we do is aimed to result in positive impact: a growing impact is rewarded and incentivized.


We facilitate the connecting of partners and enhance collaboration through our platform by providing smart and fair project frameworks to all stakeholders.


We are transparent in all THAT we do, so our customers and partners can trust us and joint effort can be communicated in a credible manner.




Stakeholder Engagement






Strategy & Innovation