A Digital Ecosystem for Positive Impact


Positive impact with every investment

Invest2Change is a start-up dedicated to scaling existing sustainable solutions and maximizing their positive impact. We help our customers to invest in positive impact and improve their sustainability performance.

Our Idea

We facilitate investments by developing a digital ecosystem that brings together different partners and simplifies the realisation of projects to accelerate sustainable change.


Our Platform

Our B2B platform is the perfect environment to create positive impact. We provide an all-in-one solution to enable your business to find suitable partners and realize joint projects in the easiest way.

Our Benefits

We provide various benefits that help you to increase the positive impact of your business

First B2B platform

First easy solution for institutional investors

All in one solution

Access to all partners on one platform


All countries & industries & project sizes

Smart digital processes

Ease of use and reduced effort

Tangible & credible impact

Quantified project results